Workshop 2008

The first Workshop on geophysical measurements at landfills

Malmö, Sweden, November 2008


The first workshop was held in Malmö in November 2008 and gathered 45 participants from 6 countries. In total 18 research works were presented and out of these, 5 presentations were further developed and presented as papers in Waste and Resource Management, Vol 164, February 2011.

Time schedule and sessions




Bakker "Characterisation of landfills in the Netherlands using a multidisciplinary approach"


Beaven "Time lapse electrical imaging to study fluid movement within a landfill"


Bergman "A geophysical investigation of the landfill Albäck, Trelleborg, South Sweden with the use of GEM2 (stångslingdiagram)"


Brunzell "Three dimensional resistivity model for leachate plume detection"


Abstract - Dahlin "Resistivity and induced polarisation for mapping a buried waste and contaminated ground - examples from Sweden and South Africa"


Flyhammar "Salt contamination of soil and groundwater within a shopping center area"


Gourry "3-D electrical tomography monitoring of landfill leachate reinjection"


Heimovaara, Scharff "Scientific fundamentals of landfill stabilization, a project proposal"


Hägg and Johnsson "Detection of chemical precipitation zone in groundwater by IP-measurements at an industrial landfill area in Helsingborg, Sweden"


Illyas "Dielectric characterization in frequency domain of waste materials"


Lanoë "Localisation and characterisation of underground fires in landfills using electrical methods"


Leroux "Potential of geoelectrical resistivity methods for localizing gas at landfills"


Martinez "Geophysical survey for development of a depot for polluted soil at Kalvebod miljöcenter, Copenhagen, Denmark"


Moreau "Towards the determination of volumetric water content in waste body from electrical resistivity: laboratory tests PART II"


Rosqvist "Investigations of water flow in a bioreactor landfill using geoelectrical imagining techniques; two full-scale flow experiments and a tracer test"


Svensson "Geoelectrical methods for characterisation of landfill cover"


Tham "Monitoring of sealing properties of ash liners in landfills by means of resistivity and induced polarisation measurments in Sweden"


Waldermarson and Gunnemyr "Investigations of leachate migration in bedrock and glacial deposits around Hyllstofta landfill in Southern Sweden"


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